I rise as a Phoenix!

Because The phoenix always rises from ashes..

It was an ordinary day, bright beautiful & warm;

It was like any other day, which held all the promises & charm.

But then came the night which brought a fiery storm,

Burning all the dreams, down to the ground;
There was destruction everywhere around.

Turning it all to ashes, burning down alongwith it

The hopes & the promises.

To tear the world apart, as if in a nightmare.

But then what that fiery storm did not know,
That from the toughest of challenges that life could ever throw;

It would not char but burnish my will to rise again.

Whatever might be its surprise..

And from those ashes & the dust within

I rose & soared & would shine so bright

That it put to shame the brightest of the star-lit night.

That I would spread my wings & touch the sky;

It’s when that any kind of fire burns & destroys,
From those cinders & ashes you come back to life;

And grow, even higher & mightier than before, 

Because, that is how

The phoenix always rises & touches the skies..

Quote Credit- Still I Rise by Dr. Maya Angelou

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